Thursday, 21 June 2018

The three bullies

One sunny day there were three bullies and there Names were Alex nick and jake they were bullying people in school they were bullying a girl and she was sad becuase they were billed her. At lunch time the bell rang she had to hide away from them when she was hiding there were some girls walking over to her and they said are you ok she said No I'm hiding from the bullies they said come on we can help you so they went to hide from them the girls were behide a tree. There was mud in the grass and then the bullies fall in the mud. The girls laughed at them and the boys ran away from the girls and they were happy and they all came friends. Then they saw the bullies and the bullies walked over to them and the girls said what do you want they said there so sorry then they wanted to be there friends the girls said ok then the bullies become friends with the girls and they were kind to the girls the end.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Last week on Friday it was matariki day we were excited becuase we were going to do fun things on matariki day.
 So we went the hall we needed  too back to class  becuase  we  were  done  at the hall we all went to our Friday 
class rooms 

becuase it was time to go to our fun things to do. I was doing cooking and sports too. I was making a great food 
and I toke one when we finsh it and it was called sugar cupcake and  It was yummy to and I was playing dogball  the end.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Rainbow fish

this week we learned about the rainbow fish and we did the EE that we were doing t