Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Tuesday: Brazil Writing



Dear my beautiful mum. I’m having a great time in Brazil with my friends. I’m loving it here, and it's really beautiful. Me and my friends got bored, so then we went to a Fancy restaurant.

 We loved eating at the restaurant, and we also loved the bands there. They were nice, funny, and good at playing the drums, and guitar. We would totally eat there again. 

The best food I liked was the chicken heart, with dessert . I really enjoyed it, same as my friends. We all want to go there another time soon, if they are open.

 I wish you were here with us, because its really fantastic here. I might stay in Brazil for a while with my friends, but don’t worry I won’t live here. I always got your back mum. See you at home soon. 

From Naomi. 

we have to write a  Pretend letter to one of our family, that we were in Brazil having a good time, and we went to a fancy restaurant.